Finance and Legal

If you’re in charge of your own business, financial and legal issues are ongoing concerns. Whether you’re starting up a business, looking to expand, or just paying the monthly bills, you need to know where you sit financially. Legally you have to consider pay rates, workplace conditions and product safety. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub’s Finance and Legal section looks at how these areas impact small businesses.

  • Five tips to retiring rich as a business owner

    You've dedicated a great part of your life to ensuring your small business grows and expands. Now it's time to rip the benefits of your hard work, put your legs up and relax. Kimberly Deas explains what you need to do to make the most of your business in your retirement days.

    Retiring rich as a business owner
  • Health and safety gone mad, or Is it madness to ignore health and safety laws?

    In this day and age of casual employment and high staff turnaround, should small business owners still consider their workforce to be their most valuable asset? Jeanette Miller thinks they should and that they should ensure their workforce and safe and protected. Find out more.

  • Ten ways to cut your operating budget

    When you’re running your own small business the expenses can quickly start adding up. Fortunately there are ways to keep your operating costs down. Here are ten cost cutting tips for your business from Kathryn Hawkins.

  • To lease or not to lease? What's your take?

    An alternative to purchasing your equipment outright, leasing allows small business owners to invest their limited capital in other areas of the operation and to take a breather every now and then. Here are some things to consider before committing yourself to a lease.

  • Three ways to save on your merchant fees

    Merchant fees are a costly part of many small businesses’ budgets. Jessica Sanders proposes three ways to help you take the pricing into your own hands and make credit card transactions cost effective for your business.

  • Three life-saving credit card tips for small businesses

    Starting a business can be a very expensive affair. Before trying to cover all expenses with your credit card, however, it's best to choose wisely and make sure you are handling your credit appropriately. Stella Walker offers three key life-savers when it comes to handling your business’ credit card.

  • Understanding home business insurance

    More and more, small business owners are opting to conduct their businesses from home. For that reason, it's important to understand the type of insurance policies available to small businesses and get the appropriate coverage. Tracy Myers sheds some light on a number of insurance options available to you.

  • Tips to secure a small business loan

    Are you starting a business or looking to expand and need to apply for a small business loan from a bank? Regardless of which type of finance you use, there are few areas the bank will check before they lend you the money.

  • Funding your small business with equity or debt - How is that possible?

    Starting is never easy, and neither is finding the funds to carry you through the initial investment-heavy period of your small business. Sometimes it pays to think outside the square. Alden Brooks offers a number of alternative funding options for your start-up.

  • The basics of small business insurance - Things to know

    When you start a small business, every single cent counts. Insurance, as necessary as it may turn out to be, is often last in the list of expenses of businesses starting up. Carol Wilson explains why you should not write it off as a luxury.

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