How to design your most productive office

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The most important aspect of any successful business is its productivity. If your employees are slow, uninterested and unable to work in a comfortable environment, you won’t be getting their best work. Your first line of defence for combating a lack of productivity is to design your office in a way that supports your employees in their everyday tasks. 

Better office design will not only lead to better employee communication and output, but it also allows you to make a great first impression on other business associates and clients.” –

Utilize space correctly

An open space concept is best for any hard working business. HP Innovation Blog Hub suggests, “Open space floor plans are designed to encourage collaboration.” Collaboration is integral to generating good ideas, which endorses creativity and hard work. 

However, it’s also important to remember that not all your employees will be collaborating all the time, so providing some closed space, such as smaller conference conference rooms will also be beneficial.

  • Cubicles: If you want to use cubicles, consider bringing in portable partitions – these can be moved around to close off a space temporarily. Otherwise, invest in  half cubicles, which keep the room open.
  • Tables: Allowing your employees to work at long tables, as opposed to sectioned off cubicles can promote comfort and unity. 
  • Work space: Be sure that your employees’ workspaces are customizable and comfortable. Minimalising discomfort keeps your employees happy and reduces the risk of injury.

Take advantage of natural light

Various studies have found that employees exposed to natural light are happier, healthier and more productive. According to, “Making good use of natural light cuts the need of artificial lighting and helps provide a feeling of well-being to office workers.” 

While you may not be able to control the amount of windows in the space you purchase or rent, you can control how much light comes in.

  • Blinds: Each window should have blinds to block out blinding rays or let them in. 
  • Shelving units: Don’t place shelving units or other large pieces of furniture in front of a light bearing window. 
  • Desks: If only one area of the office lets in natural light, be sure to place the desks or work spaces there. This will aid in their productivity.

Provide the right supplies

Finally, a productive office is one that provides every resource your employee could need, from proper management to office supplies and equipment. Though your small business may be on a budget, this is a critical aspect of your business, and one that cannot be ignored. 

  • Supplies station: Be sure that you have a supply closet or station that is readily-available and close to your employees. Time is wasted if they’re wandering around asking for another pen or flash drive.
  • Copiers: Many office copiers can now be considered an all-in-one package. Be sure that yours can copy, fax, print, etc. As a one-stop shop, your employees can be quick and efficient.
  • Phone systems: Without the right phone systems, your employees can’t interact with clients and business partners efficiently. Consider investing in a VOIP phone system – it’s cheaper, flexible and easy to set up. 

Getting the right office design is critical to running a productive office. Be sure to consider your business and employee needs; when the general office design encourages creativity, collaboration and hard work, you will be successful.

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