Take your M-Commerce to the next level

The basics of Mobile commerce (m-commerce) have been discussed for years now. With the rise of smart phones, businesses are realising the importance of having a presence available to customers who choose to shop and browse on their phones. However, with the m-commerce field being flooded by every business and their brother, it may be smart to take your tactics to the next level. 

Integrate with social media

Social media is critical to your online marketing, branding and customer relations. However, it should also be an integral aspect of your m-commerce platform, as well. Not only does it make your platform more user friendly, but gives you an opportunity to receive more brand impressions and attract new customers. 

According to SocialMediaToday.com, “A recent study by Social Labs found that 62% of all online shoppers have read product-related comments from friends on Facebook; 75% of these shoppers have ended up clicking through to visit the retailer’s site; 53% who click through end up purchasing the product.” With statistics like that, it’s time you start integrating your social and m-commerce strategies.

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  • Add share options to your platform at all stages of the buying process. Enable customers to share products from the catalogue, purchases they’ve made, the wish list they’re building, etc. 

QR codes

QR Codes have gone as quickly as they came. As an underestimated technology associated with m-commerce, many companies have overlooked this valuable mobile commerce tool. By making the process of getting to the site interactive, you’re able to engage with customers without actually talking or communicating with them. 

Big brands such as Coca Cola, Kenneth Cole, WalMart and P&G have recently tapped into the QR code market to enhance their m-commerce tactics. Take a page from their playbooks and give it a try. 


  • Use strategic placement: Placing your QR codes in ads displayed on the streets of large cities, in cabs or on the pages of a magazine gives you the opportunity to interact with customers in their everyday lives. 
  • Leverage with savings: Give customers who reach your site through the QR code a discount on that product or a sale. 

Photo search

The online shopping giant Amazon.com allows customers to use Amazon Remembers, a feature of their mobile app, to match a product on the site with a product they have in front of them. Simply take a photo of the item, and Amazon finds similar matches on their site. With 44 million visitors to their mobile commerce site in March 2012 alone, it’s safe to assume this could be a valuable technology.
Using a tool such as this brings a simplicity to search that your customers will value and utilize. Making it easier for customers to find what they want gives them incentive to buy it right there and then. However, it needs to be done right. If the search results are random or completely off base, the tool quickly becomes a hassle for customers, which takes away from the value. 


  • Adhere to basic search algorithms to ensure accurate results every time. 

Mobile coupons

With the rise of mobile commerce came the popularity of mobile coupons. According to Technorati.com, “It is estimated that by 2013 16.5% of all mobile phone users will redeem coupons activated through their mobiles.” Not only is the audience ready and waiting for this technology, but there are a number of ways you can utilise it to your advantage. 

As an addition to your marketing strategy, mobile coupons can benefit you in a number of areas. You can engage with customers, direct more traffic to your website and build excitement around your mobile site. To do this, you’ll want to consider using a number of tactics.

Direct customers to the mobile coupons from your social media platforms.

  • Send them out via text message. “… Consumers are proven to respond more promptly and engage at a deeper level with messages delivered by SMS.”
  • Send them in a mobile friendly email for immediate use while out shopping.
  • Make them scannable at store locations. Making the process simple increases your chances of getting conversions.

Expanding and improving your m-commerce tactics will enable you to stand apart from your competitors. By using a variety of methods to drive customers to your mobile site or app, while engaging with them, you’re bringing value to your business and your customers. 
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