Three reasons your small business needs recent grads

by Maria Rainier

Starting a small business is always an exciting venture in the very beginning. That is, until you’ve got everything set up and have lots of different decisions to make about the direction of your company. At some point, you will need to begin hiring full-time employees to grow your business. And I’m here to tell you that hiring recent graduates is the way to go. 

There are many reasons why having a young and idealistic workforce is important, not least of which include:

1. Recent graduates will bring energy and new ideas to your growing small business

If there’s one thing that success in small business hinges on is its ability to harness and implement new ideas. Our world now craves novelty and constant change, and the economic situation is such that those who don’t keep up with the latest will be left behind. Recent graduates, who do not know yet exactly how the hierarchy in big corporations work, will be much more open to expressing new ideas and implementing changes in your business. They’ll bring an energy and vigor that your small business now may be missing out on. 

2. Recent graduates are usually much more adept with technology, social media marketing, etc.

Even if your business is very traditional, there’s really no business that somehow must harness technology in order to become popular. For example, even the very traditional pizza delivery business must adapt to technology. The most successful delivery businesses are those that have mobile apps for easy ordering. Young people are often much more attuned to technological advances and changes simply because they are “digital natives,” able to use technology intuitively since they learned the basics of the Internet and computers when they were very, very young. 

3. Recent grads will gratefully work harder and smarter since the job market for their age group is bleak

Of course, you should never hire recent grads just because they are desperate for jobs. But the economy has been particularly harsh to this age group. Many recent grads will be un- or underemployed for years, which can threaten to wreak havoc on their entire careers. By hiring recent graduates, you’ll be lending this “lost generation” a helping hand. In turn, you’ll get smart, able workers who’ve been dying to prove their worth for years now.

Of course, every small business owner should aim for diversity in her workforce. But there’s something to be said for having a solid base of young workers who believe ardently in your product or service and who believe ardently in entrepreneurship as a whole. Good luck!

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