Growing Your Business

Running a successful small business means running a business that's constantly growing and evolving. To grow your business you need to look beyond day-to-day operations and plan for the future. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub's Growing Your Business section covers topics like putting together a business plan, basic networking tips, industry support and effectively naming your business.

  • Tips to reduce your workplace distractions

    Did you know that 45% of employees work only 15 minutes or less without getting interrupted, and 53% waste at least one hour a day due to all types of distractions? How do you get them to focus on the tasks at hand? Good question. Here are some suggestions.

  • Nurturing a successful startup ecosystem - The Boulder thesis

    We are all for any framework that encourages entrepreneurial empowerment and independence, and that's exactly what Brad Feld's Boulder Thesis does. If you haven't heard about it yet, here is a brief introduction and a gentle push to encourage you to continue exploring it.

  • How to turn your business into a money-making machine

    Have you been so involved in the day-to-day running of your business that you no longer realise the number of hours you put into your business? As Ravi Gunaratnam explains, it's time to increase the income you pump out of it and reduce the number of hours you invest in it. Ravi's suggestions will help you increase your business ROI and your peace of mind.

  • Why leaders should not drive with their eyes closed - Part two

    If you feel morale and productivity among your employees are down, it may be time to remind them about the vision you share. As Nkem Mpamah explains in Part 2 of Why leaders should not drive with their eyes closed, the link between productivity and a clear vision should not be forgotten.

  • Why leaders should not drive with their eyes closed - Part one

    We all know it’s advisable for every small business to have a mission statement before embarking on their journey. But do most of us know what a mission statement really is or how it differentiates from a vision or values statements? Nkem Mpamah helps us clarify these frequently misunderstood concepts and explains why leaders should promote these regularly in their business routine.

  • The benefits of a digital workspace

    The digital workplace presents a plethora of benefits to growing businesses. From collaboration, to growing with the use of social media, every business should be making that transition. Jessica Sanders explains why and how.

  • Three reasons your small business needs recent grads

    One of the most important challenges faced by small business owners is to get the right type of energy injected into their business from the start. Finding the employee that brings that energy as well as the skills and productivity level you need is not easy. Maria Reinier explains why you should consider recent grads to bring those much needed vibes.

  • How to create an effective video conference environment

    Video conferencing is a practical and economic way to meet with business associates outside of your four office walls. However, before your next conference, be sure the room is prepared for your most effective meeting. Jessica Sanders has some suggestions.

  • Want to back up Outlook? Then lookout...

    Many small business owners rely on Microsoft Outlook to manage appointments and communications with customers and suppliers. It is essential to have all this data safely stored and properly backed up. In this article, David Moore offers some helpful tips to back up all that precious data.

  • Build your business on a budget

    Stefan Töpfer discusses how small businesses can be started on a very moderate budget by using a technique known as "bootstrapping".

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