Growing Your Business

Running a successful small business means running a business that's constantly growing and evolving. To grow your business you need to look beyond day-to-day operations and plan for the future. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub's Growing Your Business section covers topics like putting together a business plan, basic networking tips, industry support and effectively naming your business.

  • How to put a price tag on your skills and value what you’re worth

    It is always hard trying to put a figure on how much you, as a business owner, are worth. Natalie Sisson offers tips on how to determine how much your time is worth and how much you should be charging your clients.

  • Identifying and assessing small business risks

    Small businesses, like any other endeavour we venture into, are riddled with risks. In order to make sure that the potential for risk does not eventuate into an actual hazard, we need to identify and assess possible risks. The following suggestions might help you create a coherent risk management plan.

  • Tips for running a paperless office

    Meetings, seminars and training sessions are part of the daily routine of many small businesses. Vivian Luo offers some tips on how to avoid wasting unnecessary paper to get these tasks done while contributing towards a greener planet.

  • How to choose the right payroll processing provider

    The larger your business grows, the harder it will be for you to have your hand on every single aspect. Outsourcing will eventually become a smart option that will save you time and money in the long term. Jessica Sanders explains what you need to consider when choosing the right payroll processing provider.

  • Using Skype for your small business

    If you are looking for ways to reduce your operating expenses, Skype is certainly an option to consider. This tool will not only reduce your phone bills considerably - particularly if you have to communicate internationally frequently - but it will make collaborating with interregional or overseas partner, suppliers and customers a lot easier. Vivian Luo explains how.

  • How to design your most productive office

    Productivity is an essential part of any successful business. An environment that encourages indifference in employees will only make your business unproductive and ultimately contribute to a loss of revenue. Jessica Sanders’ valuable tips will help you make your working environment an enjoyable and consequently, a productive workspace.

  • Check list for a successful café meeting

    One of the many advantages of living in such a technologically mobile society is the fact that you can move your business with you wherever you need to. So, if cafés are common meeting places for you, Vivian Luo's checklist will help you run an effective and succesful meeting.

  • Managing fast growth in your small business

    The dream of any small business is to grow and to grow fast. But how does a small business manage skyrocketing growth in a short amount of time? Donna Fuscaldo offers advice on rapid growth.

  • Buying an existing franchise

    If you feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of launching a new business, you might want to consider the option of buying into an existing franchise. Kathryn Hawkins’s discusses the benefits of franchises and underlines some important considerations when opting to buy into one.

  • Cloud computing and what it can do for your small business

    Apple and Microsoft are the latest technology heavy hitters to announce cloud computing offerings. But what do they mean when they talk about the cloud and is moving to the cloud a smart business move for small businesses?

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