Growing Your Business

Running a successful small business means running a business that's constantly growing and evolving. To grow your business you need to look beyond day-to-day operations and plan for the future. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub's Growing Your Business section covers topics like putting together a business plan, basic networking tips, industry support and effectively naming your business.

  • Tips for handling customer complaints

    Every business owner faces disgruntled customers. Learn how small business owners can handle customer complaints quickly and effectively.

  • Tips for buying a franchise

    Franchises are often considered to be less risky options than starting new businesses independently. However, this option only works if the right franchise is chosen and for the right reasons. This article will steer you in the right direction if you are considering purchasing a franchise.

  • Tips for a smooth overseas business trip

    Overseas travel isn’t all about leisure, sometimes business is involved. To ensure you get the job done Kathryn Hawkins has put together some tips for those who find themselves doing business in a foreign land.

  • Tips to balance Smartphone security with convenience

    A smartphone can make your job easier but also poses security problems. Follow these tips to enjoy the convenience of working on the go while protecting your sensitive data and not running up massive bills.

  • Thinking of manufacturing in China for the first time?

    If you are planning to start a manufacturing textile venture in China, you might be concerned about the genuineness of your potential suppliers. Nikki Hesford shares her experiences in that country to help you overcome possible initial stumbling blocks.

  • The trick to finding your perfect virtual assistant

    Are you finding that you are getting fed up with the amount of work on your plate? It may be time you looked in to hiring a virtual assistant. Natalie Sisson walks you through the best procedures of how to find that perfect assistant.

  • The secret of business

    You have surely been bombarded at some point with many secret formulae or infallible recipes that guarantee the secret of your business, at a price of course. But have you wondered why these easy get rich quick schemes do not seem to work for most people? Dr Greg Chapman discusses why are there so many of these offers and where do they fail.

  • The new digital divide: Social network's haves and have nots

    Many small business operators acknowledge that they need to understand and explore the social networking phenomenon and yet, not many take the next step. This is causing a serious gap between businesses that are social networking savvy and the rest. Which side of the divide are you on?

  • The hidden costs of early adoption

    Computing expert David Moore discusses why people with finite bank accounts are willing to participate in the early adoption of the latest high tech gadgets even if these are not always necessary.

  • A simple strategy that stops the fire fighting in your business

    Do you feel you spend too much time trying to avert crises that detract you from investing your time in driving your business forward? Dr Greg Chapman has some useful suggestions that will help you suppress the fires before they start.

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