Growing Your Business

Running a successful small business means running a business that's constantly growing and evolving. To grow your business you need to look beyond day-to-day operations and plan for the future. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub's Growing Your Business section covers topics like putting together a business plan, basic networking tips, industry support and effectively naming your business.

  • Naming your business

    When starting a small business, it's important to decide on the right business name as this is the first impression on potential customers and is also a key part of the business’ marketing message. Here are some useful tips to help you select a memorable name.

  • Using mind mapping to generate ideas and set goals

    Mind mapping can be applied to many aspects of operating and growing a small business as it provides clarity and focus and can help generate ideas. This article will help you with the process of mind mapping your business to help you drive your business forward.

  • Making massive change one step at a time

    Making change in your business is often a difficult task for business owners. The most important thing is to plan and implement your ideas instead of leaving them as an idea in your head.

  • Is your web guru qualified to look after you?

    Smaller business operators are particularly vulnerable to being ‘taken for a ride’ by prospective suppliers. This is especially true in the unknown and ever evolving world of web marketing. Craig Reardon highlights some of the areas you need to be cautious with when dealing with web marketers.

  • How to stay ahead of your competitors

    Are you considering entering an industry but don't know where to start? A great way to start is analysing your competitors and developing a plan to get ahead of them.

  • How to sell your business

    Charles Orton-Jones discusses some important areas small business owners should take into consideration before selling their companies.

  • How to play a bigger game as a Solopreneur

    Small businesses can often be overlooked by their competitors because they are too small and look like beginners. Natalie Sisson provides interesting advice on how to make you and your business appear much larger than it really is.

  • How to execute an idea

    Having a perfect idea is useless unless you execute it. Tod Whipple offers helpful information to put your ideas into action.

  • How to determine your pricing structure

    Kathryn Hawkins offers some advice to help you decide the right price point for your customer base when you first launch a small business.

  • How to create a S.W.O.T analysis

    Find out how a S.W.O.T analysis can help you determine where your business lies in relation to its environment. This effective strategy helps you better understand your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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