Hotfrog Small Business Hub Contributors' Guidelines

Are you a small business owner? Then, you are a Small Business Hub (SBH) contributor material. 

Do you provide advice to small business owners. You too, are SBH contributor material. 

Have you been wanting to give the blogger inside you a chance? Yes, you are SBH contributor material too. 

It’s that simple. 

You don’t need to be a copywriter, have a degree in literature or be a marketing executive. 


We feel that by sharing your unique experiences, knowledge and expertise, someone out there will benefit from it. And we feel that if we give all of you writers out there a chance to be heard, the world will be a richer place.  

What is the Hotfrog Small Business Hub?

The Hotfrog Small Business Hub was launched in July 2011 as an online educational resource for owners and operators of Australian small-to-medium sized businesses. 

The SBH now enables the small business communities in AustraliaUnited States, United Kigndom, Canada and New Zealand to access articles on a range of small business topics, including sales, marketing and public relations; relationship management; finance and legal; work-life balance. We have now also launched a Spanish and German site to help Hotfrog Spanish and German speaking customers to navigate through the site and assist them in publishing their content in Hotfrog.

The SBH site offers visitors the ability to join Hotfrog’s communities on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as direct links to the Hotfog main site. 
Our very enthusiastic team aims to promote articles posted on the Hotfrog Small Business Hub daily via our social media channels to Hotfrog’s audience. We also include popular articles in our monthly emails to businesses profiled on Hotfrog.

Who is Hotfrog’s audience? 

The majority of readers of Hotfrog Small Business Hub articles are owner/operators of micro-to-medium size businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and New Zealand, as well as other countries who access these sites regularly. 

Style and format

In a nutshell: Informative, entertaining, concise and easy-to-understand. 


  • We love articles that include actionable (and realistic) steps. We love articles with a positive tone. 
  • We love timeless articles that make sense to an audience today and will make sense to an audience in 1 year. 
  • We love articles that can be understood across borders and don’t require localisation.
  • We are open to receive articles in English (with standard Australian, British, or American English spelling). 
  • The preferred article length is approximately 500 words but we wil also publish articles of between anything from 350 and 1000 words.
If you are keen, here are our contributor guidelines:

  • We want you to be original, so please ensure the work you send us is wholly your work and not ‘borrowed’ from anybody else. No duplicates of yours or other people’s  previously published work (in whole or in part), thank you.
  • We don’t mind you mentioning a specific brand or product names on a product review, but we would prefer you to avoid using your article to promote your own products or services.
  • We want to hold onto good things, so, we will prefer to be the only ones publishing your content for the three months after the publication day. But if you have any problems with this, please let the editorial team know and we might be able to find a suitable solution. 
  • We will also appreciate it very much if you were not to authorise use of the work published in the SBH by a competitor of Hotfrog without our prior written consent.
  • The SBH team of experienced editors will be making sure your work shines online so it can be found more easily by search engines, so, you need to be aware that  your work might undergo some minor transformations.   
  • Be aware that your article might be selected to be published on other websites owned by Cirrus Media, or in our marketing materials.
Publication process

1. Let us know you want to join the team of Hotfrog SBH contributors by sending an email to
2. We will ask you to provide any links to your blog, content previously published online, or a sample of your work in word format. This will assist us to assess whether your work is going to be a good match for the SBH. 
3. Please also include a list of topics you would like to contribute on.
4. You will receive a confirmation to your submission expressing your work’s suitability or otherwise. 
5. We will ask you to provide a written confirmation that you have read these contributor guidelines and that anything which you contribute is in line with the Contributor Guidelines. 
6. Please provide your contribution in Word format with hyperlinks whenever necessary. 
7. Please provide a professional byline with up to 3 links to your website/s or blog/s.
8. Then, it’s all up to us. We have to create a profile for you in our system and publish your content in 5 different countries (Australia, US, UK, Canada and New Zealand). We will try our best to publish your articles within 3 weeks of reception but if there are any delays in the publication of your article, we’ll let you know and we’ll probably ask you to bear with us.
9. Once your articles are live, we’ll send you an email with the corresponding links.
10. We will promote your articles via our social medial and email channels and we encourage you to do the same.

Content Topics

We encourage you to explore any topic that might be relevant to Hotfrog’s small business owners. The following are just some suggestions to help you narrow your topic down: 

Business resources and technology

Starting and growing a business

Marketing and sales

Finance and legal

Relationship management

Work-life balance


Online business ideas


Patent and trade mark filing

Business psychology

Health and well-being


Hiring for Creativity

Sales hiring and training

Patent and trade mark protection


Stress management

Web analytics

Rewarding innovation

Sales management


People management

Time management

Your business toolbox

Encouraging process innovation

Lead generation

Outsourcing and joint ventures

Customer management

Work and family


Pcs, laptops and notebooks



Business banking

Supplier management

Working from home

Smartphones and PDAs

Field research

Cold calling

Business books

Presentation and presentation skills

Working remotely

Servers and routers

Interdisciplinary research


Business ethics

Intercultural relationships

Workplace culture

Printers, copiers and peripherals



Business law

Training and professional development


Equipment leasing

Rapid prototyping

Commissions and quotas

Employment and labour law



Voice Over Internet Protocol

Exploiting idea marketplaces

Market research

Financial management



Mobility tips and tricks

Business organisation

Direct marketing




Wireless networks

Business planning

Event marketing

Importing and exporting



Business accounting software

Business research

Public relations





Business strategy

Guerrilla marketing




Software as a service

Business travel

Relationship marketing




Database software

Communication skills





Office software

Goal setting

Video Marketing




Open-source software


Building a brand




Cloud computing

Business plans





Employee policies


Managing multiple brands




Network securities


Naming a business




Data security


History of great brands




Spyware and malware

Problem solving

Internet marketing strategies




Antivirus software


Email marketing




SEO services contract

Productivity and performance





IT security policy

Project management

Green marketing




Software development agreements

Selling a business

Website setup and design




Business software


Social media




Small business trends


Marketing new ideas












Customer service






Logos and graphic design






Marketing plans






Offline marketing











We look forward hearing from you.

 The SBH editorial team.


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