Relationship Management

Finding success in the business world is all about maintaining and building relationships. For the small business owner these relationships include employees, partners, suppliers, advisors, banks and customers. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub’s Relationship Management section has advice and ideas on how to get the most out of your business relationships.

  • Customer service training

    On average, dissatisfied customers tell eleven people about their experience. Great customer service is so important for retaining existing customers as well as gaining new ones. Greg Butler shares the benefits of customer service training and key training methods.

    The benefits of customer service training
  • Is team communication achievable or just a myth?

    A lot is being said about the importance of team communication in the workplace. But is this just an illusion or an actual achievable state? Teresa has some tips to help you get your team involved in working towards respectful, polite, productive communication.

    Is team communication achievable
  • Nurturing your work culture with team players

    If you are determined to provide a work culture based on cooperation and teamwork, you need to make sure your new recruits are a good fit. Teresa discusses how to screen potential candidates´behavioural patterns and what to do when the team spirit is threatened.

    Nurturing your work culture with team players
  • Attract the best talent through the 'Law of Authenticity'

    Are you finding it hard to attract and retain good staff? Perhaps you are not finding the right type of people to match your work environment? Perhaps you are not presenting the real you to potential candidates? David Benjatschek has one word for you – Authenticity. Find out more.

  • How to keep your best employees

    Employees are an investment and, when they leave your business loses knowledge, money and productivity. Learn how you can retain your best employees without breaking the bank.

  • Tips to deal with a workforce threatened by difficult financial times

    The effects of the financial crisis are having negative repercussions in many aspects of our professional and personal lives. Job insecurity makes employees a lot more sensitive and threatened by co-workers. The following tips could help you prevent tensions among your workforce and manage conflict when or if it surfaces.

  • How to use emotional intelligence to facilitate workplace conversations

    Establishing cordial, lasting workplace relationships is always challenging. Connecting with your employees or with your colleagues requires a set of skills that are part of what is now known as Emotional Intelligence. Sara Fletcher explores ways to develop emotionally intelligent relationships in your daily business routine.

  • How to deal with difficult customers

    Customer service is a key component of small business success and yet as much as you try to make sure that all customers have a positive experience, some customers could prove difficult to please. Here are some strategies for handling challenging customers.

  • Why you should nourish your business relationships particularly in the toughest of times

    You might think that tough times call for desperate measures, like cutting down on customer service or on your employee training schemes. But, as Richard Branson explains, nourishing relationships is essential for every single company, particularly when the going gets tough.

  • Encouraging healthy client relationships

    The rat race is not for you and you no longer want to work under the supervision of unreasonably demanding bosses. Running your own small business, though, will not prevent you from having to deal with difficult people, quite the opposite. As a small business owner, there will be different people whose tune you may have to dance to: your clients. Celina Lucas offers some simple strategies to deal with them.

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