Relationship Management

Finding success in the business world is all about maintaining and building relationships. For the small business owner these relationships include employees, partners, suppliers, advisors, banks and customers. The Hotfrog Small Business Hub’s Relationship Management section has advice and ideas on how to get the most out of your business relationships.

  • The importance of staff training

    Is your high employee turnover causing stress in your business? Find out why training your staff is so important, when should training be offered and how to implement it.

  • How to delight your customers - Part 1

    Charles Orton-Jones suggests ways to help you put a smile on your customers’ faces, ensure their loyalty and make them want to tell their friends about your outstanding service.

  • Intercultural business relationships - Part 2: Becoming “interculturally” competent

    Part two of our intercultural communication series offers some suggestions to help you become “interculturally competent” and avoid unnecessary and often costly misunderstandings with your business relationships.

  • Working with your partner

    Are you in business with your partner? It isn’t always easy to work with someone you’re in a relationship with, different issues can arise. Learn how to successfully manage this situation.

  • Working with Gen Y employees

    Generation differences exist in all businesses around the world. Find out the differences between your generation and generation Y and how to work with them more efficiently.

  • Why you don't like dealing with employee conflict

    Part of running your small business means effectively managing staff, including dealing with any internal conflicts. Some small business owners just don’t like dealing with these issues though. Vivian Scott asks why.

  • Seven ways to stop 'stresscalation'

    Lisa Murray introduces the concept of 'Stresscalation,' describes under what conditions it spreads, and offers valuable tips to control it so that it does not affect the productivity of your business.

  • Tips to motivate casual staff

    Hiring temporary workers may be a great way to get through particularly busy periods like school vacations, end of financial year or certain seasons. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your casual staff motivated and productive.

  • Tips for managing employees who work from home

    Considering the option of letting your employees work from home? Kathryn Hawkins gives some advice on what to do when managing employees at home.

  • Tips for increasing employee referrals

    Finding it hard trying to employ the right people? Kathryn Hawkins gives tips on how to incorporate your employees into your recruiting efforts.

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