Results in advance

by Jamie Stenhouse

Results in advance is a marketing tactic that I learnt some time ago from the mighty Frank Kern.  The concept behind it is pretty much what it sounds like, giving your prospects results in advance before they do business with you.

You see this a lot online now with people giving away free video courses and eBooks, both of which are Results in Advance tactics. They give prospects free training, which hopefully gives them results and helps them move to their desired outcome.

How does Results in Advance really work?

Let’s drill down into the core of results in advance to really understand how it works.  

For this example let’s say that you are in the industry of guitar tutoring and a prospect visits your site. They are a brand new customer and have never picked up a guitar before in their life – however, their ultimate result is that they want to write their own songs to become a rock star.

Music teacher helping a child learn guitar

If you were to give that prospect a free video on your home page that teaches them a single really cool sounding but extremely basic rock riff, then you are giving them results in advance. They can watch that video, practice along and learn very quickly. That prospect can then go off and impress their friends and look like a rock star, which ultimately was the result they wanted to achieve. 

Now what?

Well, after looking like a rock star the first time, that prospect now comes back to you with the attitude of “Well that was cool but what else can you teach me”. At this point, you might drip feed them 2 more videos that carry on from the first lesson. You would drip feed this content to them slowly so they are able to learn it but also because you will be teasing them slowly by dangling their ultimate result in front of them.

After a few times of giving them these “drip fed” results they’re going to come back with the attitude of “Just give me everything you’ve got, I’ll pay for it, I just want to learn it now”. That is where you have a very committed customer who doesn’t care about your competitors, who wants your product now and they are willing to pay a higher premium for it because you’ve proven that your business can deliver the goods and you’ve moved them closer to the end result.

Any business can use these results in advanced method, you simply have to sit down and plan out where your prospect is and where they want to go. Let’s use the guitar example again and say that the end result is that they would love to be able to begin writing their own songs to become a rock star. What steps does that prospect have to take first before becoming a rock star?

1. Learn the basic riffs of a guitar
2. Build on those riffs
3. Learn some old school rock songs
4. Begin the basics of guitar solos
5. Learn how to shred on the guitar
6. Begin writing their own songs to become a rock star

You could give away the first 4 / 5 steps for free and then offer them the final step for a higher price because the prospect  would be so close to their ultimate result that they would pay anything to have it.
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