Work Life Balance

Your work responsibilities increase when you’re running your own small business. With all the jobs that need doing, your family and social commitments can be forgotten. All small business owners need to find time for work and play. The Work-Life Balance section of Hotfrog’s Small Business Hub offers tips on managing your time and workload so you can run a successful business and still have time for a personal life.

  • To achieve at the highest level you need to do what high achievers do?

    What do all high achievers have in common? Corey Poirier gives insight on what he's observed to be a common trait amongst the thousands of high achievers he has studied.

    What it takes to be a high achiever
  • Reaching your goals

    Ideas - not something most of us are lacking on. But generally, the missing piece in the puzzle is the motivation to put that brilliant idea into practice. Grace du Prie closes her three part series offering some helpful tips to find your way through motivation and into actionable goals.

  • Reaching your goals – motivation

    Are you at a juncture where you question what you want to do with the rest of your life? Are you trying to gather courage to start your dream business? As Grace du Prie says, your dreams today are your possibilities tomorrow.

  • Reaching your goals – values

    No two individuals share the same set of values. As Grace du Prie explains, identifying what matters most to you is essential in order to know where to head to and how to go about getting there.

  • Six tips to tone up your relationship after working hours

    Nurturing a relationship is never easy. The difficulty gets magnified in today’s society as we are subjected to endless outside pressures and commitments. Mandy Napier has some helpful tips to help you turn the focus towards the persons outside your business that matter to you.

  • Do you say "yes" enough?

    These days there are so many tasks to attend to and so much information to sort out that it is nearly impossible for small business owners to achieve a balanced schedule and get everything done. Corey Poirier has some useful tips to help you prioritise.

  • Five minutes to breakthrough productivity

    If you want to follow the footsteps of some of the biggest players when it comes to worker productivity, you can start by applying the simplest of their techniques. Read on and find out from Janette Dalgliesh what you can do to increase productivity, aid decision making and enhance creativity.

  • Wrangling your inbox into submission – it’s not quite as difficult as herding cats!

    Your inbox – a source of constant diversion. If you want to tame that beast and prevent it from disrupting your workflow, Jane Hinchey has some good tips.

  • Strategies for achieving a better work-life balance

    Part of the attraction of starting your own small business is getting paid for doing what you love. How do you maintain your passion, though, when it becomes your job? Natalie Sisson has some tips.

  • How to work smarter not harder

    As most small business owners you may find yourself dedicating endless hours to the running of your business and not enough time to the other things you enjoy in life. Clare Loewenthal shows you how to achieve a balance and work productively and profitably.

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