Happy you, happy business

by Miriam Indries

Starting a new business can be extremely daunting. The thought of going solo, having to manage your own financial stability and most importantly, making people aware of your new business, can be very stressful. 

Most business life coaches or research that you encounter prior to acting on your wish to begin this new adventure advise you to write a business plan, to be prepared and to know where you are heading to. I must agree to this - it is in fact very important to work on all these things. However,  the most important factor you should first and foremost worry about is you, your health, and your mental, emotional and physical state. It is crucial that you take a look at yourself as a person first and strive to successfully manage all the areas mentioned above. 

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Health - Your number one priority

When you first start a business, you work long hours, can be sleep deprived and feel under pressure. All these factors might cause you to stress out. While some studies have shown that while small amounts of stress can be good for achievement, in most cases it could have a detrimental effect on you. 

When you own your own business, you must be able to cope with the stress derived from your professional life because if you don’t, your health will be negatively affected and so will your business. If you cannot perform physically or mentally, you will suffer, your business will too and so will your wallet. Making sure that you are fully aware of yourself and trust yourself is very important. 

All of us small business owners know that things are not always peachy, especially at the beginning of the road. If you trust yourself, your abilities and your product/business, you are most likely to succeed.  

How can you do this? 

Nurture your support systems

Making sure that you have the right support system around you is key. Very few people in this world can say that they have done it on their own with no help from other/s (whether it was financial or emotional help). As a business owner, you are responsible for everything, including the money your business generates (because, let’s face it, money is important).  Because you will be spending most of your time developing your new baby “business”, understanding from the ones around you is vital (particularly from your immediate family).  Otherwise, not only will you have to try to cope with work stress but also with family stress…and the two do not mix well. 

Lead with a healthy mind

The fast-paced, consumption-driven world we live and work in these days puts so much pressure on us that we tend to get quickly worked up over anything. That is why you must be fully confident in yourself and trust your abilities and the business you know you have the ability to create. 

The key to success will always be a healthy, happy mind. Why? Because this creates a harmonic state in which we can allow ourselves to push our limits and boundaries and ultimately succeed in our quest for creating something amazing. By not having this confidence, you will ultimately not be able to challenge yourself and push through your greatest fear as a business owner, which is failure.

Make sure that you always think of yourself first as a person and then as a business owner. I will be a lot harder for you to fail if happiness, comfort and success are the goals that push you towards the new you. 

is passionate about many things in life, particularly psychology and counseling. Miriam writes in her own blog, Life through a blonde's eyes and she is a weekly columnist on Partisan Advertising, where she writes on women and their role in the advertising industry.

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