The area in small business we don't acknowledge - Fun

by Miriam Indries

Today I would like to focus on something that perhaps many of you business owners out there don’t; I would like to focus on owning a business and having fun owning it. 

The stereotypical image of business people sees them as too busy to do anything else but work, a little grumpy and are always on the go. 

This is actually true to some extent. Life is busy when you own a business. All of a sudden time seems like it’s going too fast and you find yourself with too many things to do and too little time. This creates stress and illness. 

Stressed business owner working from home

But how about you stop and think for a minute about having some fun with your business, and creating a joyous atmosphere for yourself?  

Acknowledge yourself and your accomplishments

One of the most important things in life is to acknowledge yourself, who you are, and what you accomplish in life. 

Starting a business is not easy, and it requires a lot of sacrifices, a lot of responsibilities and a whole new set of priorities. But have you stopped recently, gave yourself a nice pat on the back and sat down to enjoy a lovely glass of wine to celebrate your accomplishment? My guess for most of you is not. 

Many studies have shown that majority of business owners created their new work environment to be their own boss and have nobody watching their every move.  But remembering to enjoy yourself while working for yourself is very beneficial - not only for you, but also for your business and for those around  you. So would it kill you once in a while to put away that serious business façade and just look around you and say, “Wow, I did good. I should really enjoy this”.  

Better work from a happy you

Statistics also show that if you love what you do and enjoy yourself in the work environment, you are most likely to produce better quality work. So start having fun with your business. 

Learn to enjoy being your own boss, calling clients and marketing yourself. Make your office a place with a nice feel, a place where you feel happy and comfortable in. Give it your own touch and look around you and just enjoy it. Turn the stereo on for a few minutes and sing along to the song, while having a little break away from all the paper work. You have done so much and worked so hard to get here, you might as well be happy about it.  

if you are a sole proprietor, you might not have anyone directly working for you. Don’t isolate yourself under all the business contracts and the financial paper work. Make your office the place you feel the best in, the place that makes you happy and gives you a break from being at home, or around others. If you do have a few people working for you, create an A team factor. Get to know them, have a jeans day, go for a weekly drink, give your assistant a break and make your own coffee for one day. If you show your workers respect and you make the work environment a positive one, they will work harder and with a can do attitude. 

Being professional does not necessarily mean that you constantly have to put on your serious face. Smile and enjoy what you have accomplished, because chances are your business will be happy too.
is passionate about many things in life, particularly psychology and counseling. Miriam writes in her own blog, Life through a blonde's eyes and she is a weekly columnist on Partisan Advertising, where she writes on women and their role in the advertising industry.

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